Behind the Scenes part 2 Vintage Designer Chairs October 13, 2017 12:50

My second highest selling items have been seating of some sort

I'm drawn to chairs

Below are some of the chairs that have found new homes a few that got away and some I cant part with yet 

Foot stool designed by Douglas Snelling and manufactured by functional products 1952-1957


The following iconic chairs designed by architect Douglas Snelling are instantly recognised by their

maple frames

tapered legs

boomerang shaped sides

and interwoven parachute webbing 

and were picked up by an astute buyer in Melbourne 


This instantly recognisable Grant Featherston B210 Television Chair circa 1953 is one piece  that got away 

Grant Featherston (1922-1995) was Australia's leading Post Modernist furniture designer

Born in Geelong he gained prominence in 1947 with his plywood and webbing relaxation chair 

Featherston's philosophy was that a chair should follow the natural contours of the body 

And another Grant that unfortunately I missed out on

I picked up four of these iconic Knoll Bertoia chairs and all sold except one that I've kept for myself 

One even had the original registered trade mark label still intact

Since my initial purchase of Bertoias I found a chrome pair in France that I still have for sale 

 Still haven't parted with the following - a pair of original Driade Soft Egg chairs by Philippe Starke 2001 

"Soft Egg offers an organic image that can melt so amazingly with the organic unity of nature "

A chair that incorporates the rounded 50's style however ergonomically correct and more suitable for outdoor use.

This is accomplished through the side slots fundamental the flow of rainwater and to its stackability 

This was a lucky find in  French flea market  - I didn't realise at the time I was buying a Danish Teak Stool by Spøttrup Denmark 1960s

Found it on 1st Dibs selling for 783.60 

Solid teakwood and black leatherette

I just loved its simple lines and minimalistic style 

This is a vintage FLER stool that I still have for sale 

Made in 1964 from the Dining 64 range by Fred Lowen and Ernest Rodeck

Shown below was another score

Again it wasn't until after I purchased it that I realised what it was

Turns out it was the J63 Stool designed by Ejvind A Johansson and created for FDB in 1955 and still in production today selling for 272

J63 was designed with simple Nordic furniture in mind and is made of solid beech

With his series the designer strove to keep Borge Mogensen's spirit alive when Mogensen left FDB in 1950


Below are some examples of vintage industrial chairs sold

Two different types of vintage French chairs sourced from France

One a pair of fold up metal  chairs engraved with Vile De St Denis 

and a pair of antique foldable timber and canvas deck chairs

best part they came with matching foot stools 

Sourced from Ghent Brussels 

And the chair that started it all 

sourced from  flea market in Brussels seen here outside the B& B that stored it for me until I was ready to import my first container 

These were a set of harlequin chairs in the style of Eero Saarinen 


Below is a metal campaign bed that was purchased for the purpose of a movie prop

And another campaign bed this time with a timber frame 

This one collapses into a small seat and even has a blanket compartment that doubles as a headboard  

Two more of the timber kind

Detail from an antique three legged milking stool 

Shaped by hand leaving all the natural imperfection we love about raw timber

Beautiful moulded worn seat patina with wedged joinery and leather patches

and the other an antique bench from the Barossa 

detail of the pegged leg construction shown here 

Next post will be about the seating I still have for sale