Behind the Scenes Part 1 June 20, 2016 15:23 2 Comments

A lot of the products JET sells don't even make it to the website. Some because they sold before the website was created but others because they sold before there was a chance to upload them - either through foot traffic passing the shop front or through that wonderful medium Instagram.

It takes time styling and photographing pieces in their best light as I'm sure most online store owners would contest to!

So, I thought I would post some pics over the next few blog posts that show a selection of pieces that have sold that never made it here.

I tend to have a thing for lamps and lights so no surprises that the most items sold have been lighting. 

They include imported French industrial table lamps; the iconic Planet lamp, including a mobile dental Planet lamp and a very rare Copper floor standing Planet lamp; imported Ukrainian enamel pendant lamps; an Original Hanau 20thC design lamp, a few vintage industrial tripod cage lamps; industrial metal table lamps with ball joints; very large Copper pendant lamps from what was Czechoslovakia and a pair of simply stunning floor lamps that I finally relented and sold to two very appreciative guys in Melbourne. Shortly after they purchased a third in the exact same style for just over 1k which made my two a bargain especially as I delivered to their door (refer last two pics) ! Needless to say they were very happy! They love lamps as much as I do !